Dr. Jennifer Durenberger

Dr. Jennifer Durenberger advises HISA’s leadership and Standing Committees on equine health and welfare strategies and oversees HISA’s relationships with industry veterinarians and other key stakeholders to ensure consistency in the implementation of HISA’s equine safety and welfare policies nationwide.

Dr. Durenberger is an accredited senior steward with more than 30 years of experience in Thoroughbred racing, most recently serving as the Jockey Club Steward for the New York Racing Association (NYRA). She is a member of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association’s (NTRA) Safety and Integrity Alliance, where she serves as Senior Veterinary and Regulatory Consultant, and a board member of the Racing Officials Accreditation Program (ROAP).

Dr. Durenberger previously worked as the Chief Examining Veterinarian for NYRA, a Commission Veterinarian for the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB), an Association Steward at Delta Downs in Louisiana, a Steward at Canterbury Park for the Minnesota Racing Commission and as Director of Racing for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. Dr. Durenberger received a veterinary degree from Cornell University and a law degree from Western State University College of Law at Fullerton.